On September 24, a day suitable for outdoor barbecue, all staff of our company carried out a relatively large outdoor activities------- barbecue in Fenghuang mountain.

2016-12-28 14:50:22 -

When it comes to the barbecue, everyone has a profound memory.  in the afternoon of the September 23th, we had a meeting to discuss the arrangement like time to star ,who to buy the supplies and so on. On September 24,30 people were divided into two teams to buy supplies for barbecue,after half an hour, we were gather at the BBQ, everyone was glad. Some were washing the vegetable ,some were making the kebabs and some were distributing of seasoning .it was a comfortable atmosphere in that time.

During the BBQ, everybody relaxed. some colleagues have a high talented in barbecue. the kebabs was so delicious that we were all full. Then we played games ,such as cards, badminton and so on.

in the process of barbecue, the team solidarity and collaboration overalled in such activities to enjoy the joy of man and nature. In the barbecue, we were not only deepen the relationship with colleagues, more important is the promotion of the company's collective cohesion.

In the afternoon, the sun set, we cleared up the BBQ and then come back home happily.

in sum, this activity was very successful. If an event good or bad can reflect the collective cohesion of a company, then our this barbecue activity is a good example. Because this is the first time for our company to have a such big major events, because of the different personality and preferences, you don't really understand each other. But as a member of the collective, we should stick to collectivism values orientation, know that personal development and growth cannot leave the collective, and the collective is inseparable from the people. Through this activity, we deepened the understanding of each other, better to fusion together, and make our company more unity, more upward. the friendship between colleagues was more deeper and  the work atmosphere become more comfortable.
Wish our company has a beautiful future.

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