Congratulate the Man Jia Technology Limited domestic and international website officially opened .

2016-12-28 14:42:13 -

The domain name is…….Shenzhen Man Jia is a professional production and sales of LED lighting lamps and lanterns integration manufacturers. it is regarded as a leader of the LED industry in Shenzhen. the company specializing in the production of LED desk lamp, LED panel lights, light, hard light and undertake customized lighting lamps and lanterns, really achieve the purpose of "do what customers want.

Some big things of Man Jia

In  2003,The company was registered formally.

In 2006, the company was rated as high-tech enterprises in shenzhen city.

In 2008, the company expanded scale,built a workshop with 2000 square meters, invested a lot of resources for product research and development, in the same year, the company was selected as the guangdong LED industry association, vice chairman of units, the products include LED tube, strips and panel ligh

In 2013, the company invested one million yuan , and began to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, has passed the SGS environmental system and CE certification, ROHS certification, quality management system certification and implement ERP management system and efficient management.Determine the company policy of "quality first, customer first, strengthen education, service first".80% of the products for export.

Web site as a whole tend to be integrated by the all details to show the effect of Man Jia Technology Limited ,In detail, strives for perfection. From words to pictures, each is carefully made to modify repeatedly,  achieve the best effect.Case center and product display pictures are with dynamic graphical display, let the customer at the time of the mouse on can have the effect of a dynamic experience.Product list page will has carried on the induction summary the characteristics of comprehensive, with five characteristics of the basic template illustrated way, each features photos of corresponding is also redesigned, so that to see pictures can understand the effect of the product characteristics.

Man Jia Technology Limited Web site for more than a change traditional text browsing mode, in the form of pictures and bring customers browse different enjoy, between words and images, easily find the needed information. The new site online, also marks the fine in the New Year, will be new face to everyone.

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